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Meet Anthony


Thank you again for logging onto my website:www.realpropertymortgage.ca

If we were just being introduced, I would probably tell you that I’m a REALTOR®. That is, of course, my profession. But in reality, I’m in the “MAKE IT HAPPEN” BUSINESS. That’s what clients hire me to do.

  • When clients need to sell their home quickly, and for the best price, I make it happen.
  • When clients need to find and buy their next dream home, I make it happen.
  • When a client wants the entire process to go smoothly and successfully, I make it happen.

How do I make it happen? When I begin working with a client, I ask a lot of questions. It’s important for me to clearly understand what a client wants. Then, I use my professional skills, training, knowledge, and experience to make it happen!

So, if you're looking for a "make it happen" REALTOR®, give me a call: 647-270-2886

The Best of Both World
Mortgage Services Available

"Customer satisfaction has always been the main focus of my business; taking the time to understand the customer desires is of the essence and apprising the customer as to every possibility before making a final decision. Being a full-service Realtor, along with my mortgage experience, I have the team required to securing your investment with the highest returns or profitability. Whether you are a first-time buyer, new immigrant, or a seasoned investor, I will get the job done."

Purchase & Enjoy!

From Your Purchase to 7 Days Vacation

As your agent it is always part of my philosophy to GIVE BACK representing you as a buyer gives you the opportunity to receive a 7 days vacation for 2 paid for, choose from a wide range of destination..

What better way to celebrate your newly Purchase