Anthony Ewart

Sales Representative

Anthony is best described as a sharp-witted sales professional that has a decade’s worth of business experience under his belt. Born in the Caribbean, of a humble yet no-nonsense upbringing has taught him the benefit of hard work, dedication, resilience, and has instilled into him an air of integrity and the willingness to go the extra mile. Coming from a large family himself, he knows the importance of proper planning, budgeting, and ensuring secure investments. In his own words: "Nothing is more important than providing for my family and establishing a roof over their heads and dinner on their plates."

Having attended a vocational institution in the Caribbean, where he completed a course in electrical installation, he then went on to advance his career in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, obtaining a diploma in HVAC. His sales career commenced ten years ago after migrating to Canada, at which time he broke through the motor vehicle industry. It was this that lit the candle, the passion he has for customer service, deriving pleasure from helping people obtain their goal. Soon after his earliest tenure with motor vehicles, he went into the mortgage industry and eventually into real estate, which has furthered his opportunities to assist his clients to achieve their goals.

"Customer satisfaction has always been the main focus of my business; taking the time to understand the customer desires is of the essence and apprising the customer as to every possibility before making a final decision. Being a full-service Realtor, along with my mortgage experience, I have the team required to securing your investment with the highest returns or profitability. Whether you are a first-time buyer, new immigrant, or a seasoned investor, I will get the job done."